IT IS EASY! Use the link below to go send or pick up your postcard. To pick up a postcard, make sure you have your claim check number handy and click the "READ" option on the page.

To send a digital postcard, click the "WRITE" option which takes you to a form where you can choose to send a postcard. Fill in the address, message, pick a picture and send it off. Your friends or family will receive a email notice that the postcard is waiting for pick up. Great for Holidays, Birthdays, or just to say Hello.

And as SPECIAL Just for you, before writing your card, you can now upload an image or sound file to our server, thereby making it available for your postcards. Since most postcard users don't have their own web site, this allows you to send postcards with your private photographs, artwork, music, clipart etc. This feature is limited to .gif, .jpg, .mid, .wav, .au and .aif files smaller than 35 kb and the files will be automatically deleted after two weeks.

If you have your own Web Page with a picture you want to use as a PostCard you can just enter the image URL and send it that way also.



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